Problem: The game crashes after trying to use custom chat or Optic.

Solution: Your operating system likely needs to be updated. Download the most up-to-date version of DirectX9 from here.


Problem: You receive an error warning about missing DLL followed by “Unable to load HAC! Error 126″.

Solution: Your operating system likely needs to be updated. Download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime from here as well as the most up-to-date version of DirectX9 from here.


Problem: You receive an error that states, “Unable to load HAC! Error 126″.

Solution: Your antivirus software is likely preventing HAC from loading. Add loader.dll to your whitelist or temporarily disable your antivirus protection before you load Halo. If required, please consult the manual for your antivirus software for the specifics on how to do this.


Problem: After minimising Halo and returning, the screen may go black for a brief period and the game crashes shortly after.

Solution: This is usually caused by other mods. If you encounter this problem and you’re not using other mods, please post the details on the forum as a bug report.

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  1. Whenever I try to start Halo: Custom Edition with Halo Anticheat 2 installed, it crashes, saying “Gathering Exception Data.” Any solution?

    • There’s a patch coming out shortly to add support for old CPUs (~2001-2003). If that doesn’t sort it, I’ll need more info. :)

      • Thanks! My computer is like TEN years old! I don’t know how is manages Halo! Do you have an estimate on when the patch will come out?

  2. Oh, and I should mention, it did work for a while, but when I installed the Secrets of Egypt map and the Mummy maps manually, it stopped working.

  3. hello is I have a netbook but put the loader in my halo get error 126 and does not load the HAC I’ve tried putting the patches and nothing works please help D:

  4. You installed maps manually? How old fashioned of you xD

  5. Hey, i have a problem, When i join a server like =DG=’s and SmG’s a black screen apears but i can see chat box (not the one on left i mean on the bottom) and the pink console :O is theres any fix for that? :(

  6. hey, i don’t have any custom maps and didn’t boost lol and btw when i join a game on =DG= or SmG sv , a full black screen apears and i can see my typing but not the log :o

  7. Apparently, the map download feature isn’t compatible with Open Sauce. Whenever I try to download a map from a server with HAC 2, it downloads, but I get this when it tries to install it:
    In this case, I tried to install CMT G3 Vestigial, but it does this with any HAC-downloaded map (of course, the name in the error message matches the map I tried to get).

    • I’m afraid OS doesn’t play nicely with the map downloading at the moment.

  8. “An error occured while reading the archive!”

  9. I’ve notice lately Halo PC/CE hasnt been able to start Lately because of some runtime error, Im Guessing its got to do with the servers it shakes hand with or something like that but any ways when i remove your HAC2 evrything works fine. It does this twice in the past 2 weeks now its working fine.

  10. pure bs …..no mods no nothing but as soon as i deleted loader.dll ….it works

  11. Where are the downloaded maps are saved because it is searched and find nothing?

    • Same place Halo saves your saved games and then in the ‘hac’ folder.

      By default:
      C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Halo\hac

  12. I have this problem after putting the file in control file: http://i44.tinypic.com/2b1ill.jpg

    Any solutions? I’ve tried disabling firewall/antivirus

    • If you’re running OpenSauce, try disabling it.

    • delete your ‘hydrolysis’ map in your maps folder

  13. when i install a map and extract it and paste it into MAPS folder i get a Halo Fatal error: file maybe missing/corrupt

    how to fix this?

    • Couldn’t say. HAC 2 doesn’t require manual map installation.

  14. Console won’t show up in Custom Edition. What should I try?

    • Add -console to your CE shortcut.

      • Thanks. I’m so silly.

  15. This program doesn’t function at all without internet access. Is there a way around this?

    • It’s a known bug with loader.dll. I’ll put out an update to correct it with the next HAC release (probably next month).

      • Is there any way to release the fov portion of this mod separately, for offline/singleplayer use when internet is down? The rest of the features make sense that an internet connection is required (map downloading). Thanks for creating this amazing mod btw!

        • Afraid not but the offline issue is on my to-do list.

  16. The widescreen hud has some issues, some items are still stretched (eg. pistol scope, radar blip) and some items aren’t aligned correctly (eg. sniper scope). Hud Colour works well except sometimes it resets back to default colour. Other then that its all good. :)

    • The sniper scope alignment is a problem with Custom Edition in general. The HUD colour issue should be fixed in the next update. :)

      • Do you think you can make another version of HAC 2 so I can play in school? Can you make a version where it doesn’t auto-update? My schools internet routers block most things but not halo. It blocks HAC 2 and I can’t use HAC 2 in school.

        • It should work already but I know there’s a bug in there somewhere. I’ll fix it for the next update.

  17. looks like my halo ce is screwed…
    – Basically I got a bug…
    – Crash, when I attempt to join MP game
    – Broken shaders in game (SP)
    – Broken SFX
    – Zero UI sound
    – Button options missing in UI and menu
    – Invisible cursor
    -Attempt to do an in game auto download using hac2 on a .yelo map (sneak) without having OS running
    What I tried:
    – Deleted Halo CE folder, then uninstalled off control panel, then redownloaded installer, reinstalled.
    – Deleted and unistalled OS, then did the same thing as above, then reinstalled OS
    Other Info:
    – Windows 7
    – Halo CE 1.09
    – Fairly new graphics car

    …Can you recommend a debuging method, or a way I can completely remove Halo CE off my computer for re-installation?

    • Seen this problem a few times but I’m not sure what causes it, sorry. It’s not HAC 2 related though.

  18. Everytime I try to Open Halo CE it says “Unable to load HAC! Error 126″ and I can’t fix it. Tried the whitelist thing but still it won’t work. I don’t have any other hack installed. Any solution? Or can I download the previous version?

    • Try the DirectX troubleshooting step, although it might work now anyway.

      • Working perfectly now, thanks.

  19. After HAC 2 downloads the map file, it says “An error has occurred while loading a map file”. This only applies to Halo CE v1.0.10. Upon checking the HAC folder in C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\maps\ folder, the filesize is 0 bytes.

    Works on only v1.09 as far as i know.

    Needs to be fixed.

    • Will be fixed later today.

  20. Hac2 is leaving a lot of lingering processes that keep increasing during the day it appears to b triggered by checking bookmarks the processes between 5-10 are around 50,000k to 120,000k in size in task manager after i stop playing i need to manually closed them all .They use quite a bit of memory .

    • What processes? Can you take a screenshot?

  21. Sorry Btcc22. The problem was actually caused by optic , every time i will exit the game the process would stay alive. when i removed the optic dll from the haloader folder the problem disappear . but i will leave the screenshot here so you can see what i mean


    • No problem. Glad you got it sorted. :)

  22. Every time I install HAC2 and start up Halo PC, it ask me “Do you want to start Halo with anticheat ON?” I then click yes and it tells me to login. I don’t have an account. I also looked in the readme for a solution but no solution. Any idea how to fix this problem?

    • That’s not HAC2, it’s Sehe’s anticheat, an unrelated program. You can remove it by deleting “Haloader.dll” from your Halo (CE)/controls folder, as far as I know.

      Either that or you can click no.

      • that worked and now its doing another problem. halo so crappy i might just reinstall it if there’s no fix to this but now every time i go to internet lobby, it keeps doing gamespy error. i know this is hac2 unrelated but it is an issue that i don’t know how to fix besides reinstall.

        • The server list is down at the moment. Just bad timing. :)

          Try again later.

          • ok thanks for the help :)

  23. Whenever I like to try the new custom chat, it gives me an error.
    It’s probably related to chat files even with the default chat files.
    Is there any way to fix this or will it be fully functional in later versions.

    BTW, I also have Open sauce but I disabled it with (dinput8 .dll)

    • Do you use Sehe’s ‘Halo Chat V2’? If so, you’ll need to remove it first.

      • I don’t use Sehe’s Halo Chat V2.

        • Noted.

          • Which font is supported and how can I fix the “Unable to load font” problem with custom_chat 1?

          • Still looking at that error.

  24. um does anyone know how to fix a screen zoom in? it was caused by hac2 right before i removed it, i forgot i zoomed it in to spy on someone in bumpercarz just watching people then i removed hac2 without zooming out now i cant fix it. by the way how do you register for hac2 anyways? i found the log in but no register link.

    • It’s not possible for HAC to still be affecting your FoV after you’ve removed it.

      • i know its not suppose to do that but for some reason it did it. i can’t explain how but if i could, i would. do you know at least how to set it back to normal?

        • Can you upload a screenshot?

        • Thanks for the screen, although I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be. It looks like a close-up photo of your monitor.

          • no its the full screen screenshot of what is up in my halo game. that is exactly what it looks like. like legit. its zoomed in that far. i can’t seem to get it unzoomed.

          • hey btcc22 i figured out why i couldn’t get my screen fixed. it was because i had the version before the new one and it wouldn’t work. i downloaded the new one and now i can change stuff :):):)

          • Glad to hear it. :)

  25. hello; when I open my Halo CE v1.10 including HAC2 tells me:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\MSVCP100.dll not designed to run on Windows or contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact system administrator or the software vendor for assistance

    and then the message appears Unable to load HAC! Error code: 193

    please could help me because I really like using the HAC2

    • Replied to your last message. See that response. :)

      • Huh? Where?! I also have this problem.

        • Delete MSVCP100.dll and MSVCR100.dll from your Halo folder and follow the troubleshooting guide, linked above.

  26. esque la actualizacion de halo ce no deja entrar un server creado adentro del juego que hago?

    • Wrong language / Idioma equivocado.

  27. It seems that the advanced draw distance is either bugged or disabled. Hugeass and Extinction are now both ending in nothing again. :(
    I tried the console command and reinstalled HAC2 but nothing helps.

    Halo 1.10
    No Open Sauce

    • Just to confirm, you tried “draw 4096″ (or some other large number) in the console and nothing happened? What happens if you try “draw 1″?

      • Oops, ‘draw 4096′ works (as well as ‘draw 1′).^^
        I always tried ‘draw distance 4096′. That just seems to reset the draw distance to some default value. The ‘Commands’-section was a bit confusing.
        But maybe the default enhancement through HAC isn’t working anymore. I didn’t remember changing something with the console (or I did and don’t remember :/).

        • Yeah, the default seems to be broken (1.10 problem). Fixed.

  28. Why pictures of medals HAC2 appear very small when i’m playing?

  29. Hi I have a problem which is q to start one letretito red halo appears saying api_vesion = 1.0.0 windows have eight idk if I will or why porgalgo different but equally help me thanks

    • When does this happen?

  30. Nice Job bro!!
    This is great, but every time you quit a game, with OPTIC medals added, the game process doesn’t stop, you have to task manager and kill it! So for me, being an admin, if i go into 20 games, i have to go back into Task Manager and kill every instance
    You planning on fixing that soon sir?

    • It’ll be sorted soon, hopefully.

  31. I did a test and hac is causing a problem where if a server is running Bloodgulch, I’m unable to join and receive a message about connection issues.

  32. how to fiw that ??
    unable to load optic pack

  33. how to get the medal??? plzzz video !!!

    • plzz need help

  34. I’m having a couple of problems with HAC2. First, there are a couple of servers that I played on before the 1.10 update. They aren’t showing up in the server list, but I had the IP addresses saved and was able to connect. Now when trying to connect I get an error: Connection rejected: Your client is newer than the server. I thought HAC2 had an automated version switcher built in?

    Second, whenever issuing the custom_chat 1 command, HaloCE crashes.

    Any insights?

    • For the custom_chat 1 issue, follow the troubleshooting guide, linked above. Do you still have the 1.10 issue?

      • A refresh of DirectX seems to have solved the custom_chat issue. I am still having the 1.10 connection problem…

  35. I found a bug in the Halo Reach medal pack; the filename is “unfriggenbelievable.mp3″ but hac2 tries to load the “unfrigginbelievable.mp3″, an error appear and medals stop working

  36. I have Code Error 193 ._.’

  37. Trying to load medal packs results in Halo CE crashing and producing a “Gathering Exception Data” notification. Any way around this?

    • Trying to load custom_chat 1 also results in Halo CE crashing and producing a “Gathering Exception Data” notif.

      • Sorry admin, please disregard these comments. Apparently I need to learn how to read more comprehensively. LOL

  38. When I disable OS Map downloader, I tried running Halo CE with Open Sauce again, it doesn’t work and says one of the files is missing or corrupt

    • NOTE: I’ve went back to v1.09 for Open Sauce reasons

  39. Question, i tried typing in Halo CE during multiplayer and the don’t texts pop out or doesn’t view what i say or neither let’s me say anything to anyone else. (basically i can’t type) how do i fix this?

    • Search your Halo folder for msxmlmenu.xml and install it.

  40. I am having trouble with Optic. I have not installed the original optic and when i try to use the command eg optic load halo4, it says “Unable to open Optic pack!”. I have created the hac and the packs folder and put the packs in there. What have i done wrong?

    • You’ve put it in the wrong folder. Re-read the instructions and double check.

  41. When waiting for a free slot I tried to add the server to bookmarks but it crashs. Adding bookmarks while waiting for a free slot seems to cause a crash.

    • I guess it was and Isolated event cause I’m having a hard time duplicating it.

  42. I’m getting an “exception” whenever I want to launch the game after changing the FOV. I have to open the hac folder and remove the FOV line and change it back again ingame, otherwise it won’t boot. Also wouldn’t mind if you guys added the thing that OS had, where you could move the weapon freely around, to prevent clipping when playing at 100+ FOV(for people who don’t like playing the game like when looking through a binocular)

    My specs
    Intel Core i7 2670QM (powerthreading on)
    Nvidia 570M
    8gb RAM POWER

    • Any info on the exception? Screenshot of the error?

      • http://i.imgur.com/jApG6Jj.png

        forgot to add I’m running Win7 64bit.

        It starts with the data gathering exception and switches over to the Windows “looking for solution” and fails to find one. This happens ONLY when I change the FOV, it doesn’t mind the widescreen fix or the medal pakcs. It crashes even when I open the .ini and write in the default 70 degrees. I was running it as an administrator.

        I already figured out that running it in windows xp SP3 compatibility mode fixes the initial crash, might be useful to add it to the Troubleshooting guide.

  43. i’m having problems with the medals on halo custom edition. When i dont install the medals soubds perfect (killing spree, double kill, etc) but when i install the medals it doesnt work anymore, i try to put them in the console like in the video. But it doesnt appears me the folder packs in my saved games. Can you help me? im trying to install the system of halo reach medals. Thank you

    • So you can or can’t install them? Confusing post.

      • hahahahaha yes :P

  44. I have the problem that I can’t access console, I start the game press “0” and nothing happens what od I have to do?

    • Add -console to your Halo shortcut.

  45. in my medal packs there is only coming sound hlep me

  46. In my halo the medal sound is not coming only medals are coming plz help me

  47. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again! geagfbedkfee

  48. Are you going to make it so hac2 works offline? I have to uninstall it because it won’t let me play offline.

    • It’s on the to-do list but it could take a little while.

  49. “Unable to load HAC! Error code: 126″
    this error is annoying me. any fix to it? i checked troubleshooting and none those suggestions are helping.

    • Is this still a problem or did you manage to solve it? Sorry for the slow reply.

  50. my medals have no sound (Halo 3, Halo 4 and Halo Reach) but if I remove the medals, the sounds by default are heard like (Red Team Score, Killing Spree, Running Riot, Killtacular) help please

  51. halo anticheat 2 for windows 8 function properly the resolution does not work and medals,chat do not respond to the command please fix

    • There are compatibility issues with OpenSauce on Windows 8, if you’re using that.


    • There’s a known issue that may prevent HAC from launching if there’s no connection.

  53. Some maps have a few issues .. when I host a map like Battlecraft in my dedicated server ,people download the map with hac2 BUT they get an error saying : ” unable to join game server ” .I tried changing the events and all but I doesnt seem to work .

    • There are two versions of the map, both using the same name. Both versions are being used on servers – sadly there’s nothing I can do about it other than to suggest that you replace the version on your server with the one being used by HAC.