Key shortcuts (will be configurable in the near future):

Bookmark controls:

F4 – Add current server to bookmarks.
F5 – View bookmarks.
Alt + bookmark number - Join bookmarked server.
Delete + bookmark number – Delete a bookmark.
Ctrl + Alt/Delete + bookmark number – Selects bookmarks in the range 11-20 (example, ctrl + alt + 4 will join bookmark 14).

Field of view controls:

F6 – Change field of view. Move the mouse up/down to control it. Press F6 again when you’re done.
Left shift + F6 – Reset field of view to the default (70).

HUD colour controls:

F9 – Set the HUD colour.
Shift + F9 – Reset the HUD colour

Sightjacker controls:

F7 – Enable/disable the sightjacker.

Console Commands:

hac_widescreen 0/1 – Turn HAC 2’s HUD scaling fix on/off. The default is on.
play_during_queue 0/1
– Allows you to remain in the current game until a free slot is available in the bookmarked server you attempted to join.
draw distance – Distance is the number of world units to draw. The default is 1024 and HAC uses 4096 for maps that benefit from increased draw distances.
recalculate “map name” – Recalculates the checksum for the given map. This is aimed at map makers that don’t want to use the cached checksum during development, given that the checksum will change with each compile. Use quotation marks for map names with spaces.
budget_show 0/1 – Displays the current number of BSP polygons being drawn and the remaining default/HAC budget. Once the limit is hit, any polygons that’d push the budger over the limit will appear has gaps in the geometry.
fov value in degrees – Can be used as an alternative to F6 for setting your field of view.
hac_flush_cache – Clear the entire checksum cache. There’s no real reason to use this but it’s there anyway.
copy – Copies the information for the current server to clipboard. This is useful for pasting the connect ip:port password information over Xfire/Steam etc.
copy bookmark number – Same as above except it copies the information for a bookmarked server instead of the current server.
devmode 0/1 – Toggles devmode on Halo CE.

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  1. Including SightJack and DevMode commands in an ANTI-CHEAT program is a very bad idea if your actual objective is to make the game more fair… unless you consider it more fair when EVERYONE has these cheats installed? WHY are these included at all?? What’s next… a handy aim-assist feature?

    Maybe you should change the acronym of HAC2 to be “Have Access to Cheats 2″.

    I suggest you restrict your program to legit features like bookmarking and map downloading and leave the business of distributing cheats to others.

    • It might seem counter-productive but they both have legitimate uses.

      The devmode commands that can be used to gain an unfair advantage have been disabled and the sightjacker is of more use for combatting cheating than it is for cheating. Either way though, HAC’s sightjacker can be disabled by server admins if they so choose.

  2. bug report the command “draw” is not working for increase the poly count only for reduce it

  3. I have a version changer already installed, but after installing HAC I can no longer change game versions. Also, running HAC only shows me current v1.09 games in the server list. Many of the servers I frequent are on v1.04 and v1.03. Any help with this would be appreciated.


    • Apologies for the slow reply. Goemitar’s version changer isn’t compatible with HAC, which shouldn’t be a problem given that HAC has an automated one built-in.

      There is an issue with it on HPC though and that should be addressed in tomorrow’s update.

  4. I would highly suggest you add a option to disable HAC2’s build in map download as it causes problems with OpenSauce. The most sever case is the game will ALWAYS crash at the end of a map download cause it tries to load the file as a .yelo and not .map

    • the maps will be saved at the folder mapsin my games, there are the maps and ypu can yet copy it from there to de mmaps folder in your halo

  5. Everything seems to be working just fine for me. When i try to change the color of my HUD my mouse only moves Horizontally. I have set the HUD color, quit the game then rejoin.

    • Late reply but it should be fixed in the next update.

  6. Is it possible to install HAC2 and OS at the same time or are they mutually exclusive? Thanks!

    • You can but the map downloading functionality will break (OS will crash). I see if I can add a temporary (should be fixed in OS rather than HAC) fix for it in the next update.

  7. hey btcc22 can you xfire me ozimback i have a question aside from this one, Please and thank you.

    Would you be kind to give us Sj updated version alone?

    • I don’t have any plans to make any part of HAC2 standalone, sorry.

  8. do you know if Organic will be updated

    • I have no idea what that is.

  9. Custom HUD colors are awesome! Custom text is really cool! Scope blur options a huge plus!

    When the hpc 1.10 auto-update goes live will there be more servers in the list? Right now on 1.10 there are only like 20-30 servers. THANK GOD the Bud Killzone and Warzone servers are in there! Love gaming there.

    Huge fan of everything you are doing here! btw, does sehe’s optic work anymore. Mine worked for a bit and then suddenly the stat tracking just stopped….

    Anyways, a career stat tracking option would be awesome in HAC2. If it’s possible, also show overall kills per weapon or nade or melee, and accuracy percentages! I really like the sounds and emblems that displayed with sehe’s optic add-on though.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  10. Bro, when activate custom_chat 1 command. If i haveat least one message appearing woth the old chat system.. the msg still pressent all time until i quit haloce. suggestions?

    • Activate the chat while you’re on the menu. It’ll save your preference and you won’t have to do it again. It wasn’t really designed for being enabled when there are chat messages already being displayed, it’s just that the temporary console command allows for it.

  11. The “draw distance” function isn’t changing HAC2’s drawing distance with CE 1.10, even though it worked normally before I updated my copy of the game from 1.09… any idea why this is happening?

    • It’s ‘draw’ on its own. Can’t see any problem with it.

  12. Sorry for being a completely ignorant buy… how do I add a Console Command? For example draw 4096?

    • Add -console to your Halo shortcut and then press ` in the game.

      • Sorry… I’ve tried but I can’t.

  13. The “hud_widescreen” command is not working for me. Does it work in both Custom Edition and the stock edition or just in Custom Edition?

    • Both and the command is hac_widescreen, not hud_widescreen.

      • Oh, thanks. It says hud_widescreen in the command list up above though.

  14. can you change the F7 key to NUM 7, because, i am using Opensauce and HAC2, but i cant use F7, because F7 on HAC2 has function to sightjack, but cant you just put F7 to it ? please

    • It’s unfortunate but I’m not willing to make the controls any more awkward than they already are. Customisable keys may be added in the future.

  15. I was assuming this had 3rd person. It should!

    • I don’t think it’d have enough benefit to justify the development time.

  16. Hi my f6 key went out is there another way to change my fov

    • You can use the console command ‘fov’ followed by a number.

  17. Is there/can you make a command that I can use to download maps via console?

    • Afraid not.

  18. How i can use thie commands? how to use it

  19. How i can use thie commands? how to use it

  20. There is a bug when you use devcam, most times, your camera speed doesn’t change even when the middle mouse button is pressed and is moving slow. It needs to be fixed next update.

    • You have to scroll down to go faster

  21. Where type the commands

    • In the console. Add -console to Halo’s shortcut and press the ` key.

  22. I got a problem to report and i need as soon as you get here and see it respond back!!
    When i try to hit any of thos buttons they dont work i usually get that error called:UNABLE TO LOAD HAC2 ERROR SOMETHING 2 ZERO ZERO I DONT REMEMBER ….I download directx 10 and microsoft visuall C++ 2010 (x86) +(x64) ….and even if remove it and paste it back nothing happends i cant even change hud or save favor servers or better to change the field of view if anyone had face the problem before please give me a hand…. I would be gratefull…

  23. Please i need help i have instal directx 10 +jun 2010 redist plus microsoft visual C++ 2010 restribute pack 64x 86x but when i try to hit F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 BUT BASICALLY I WANT TO CHANGE THE FIELD OF VIEW AND I CANT THE ONLY THINK THAT WORKS


    • Use the fov command.

  25. my commands arnt working period, i put the loader file in both halo pc and ce control folders

  26. Pretty sweet. It works with wine, but you need winetricks vcrun2010.

  27. You dont know these guys how the think?I play this game 13 years now and you know what i have realize since 2001 the players inside were complited different then those people we facing today,The have no experience On this game which is very old

    Isnt enough that those guys using SJ=Sighjack
    Isnt enough that the using wallhack to see players throught walls +chams Make the players change colours To red blue green orange and etc.
    Blue walls You can seee all the players were they are
    Esp hack You can see the name of the players
    Clickbot +autobot or aimbot Those people do whatever the want the dont really care for anyone….Im not so considrate right now but i know what im saying i tried multiple times to stop those for making the game unstable,But never had the luck on my side i guess i supposed the new generation of people i hope one day might realize,And try to make the world a better place to all and i do not speak only for video-games But also reality.Nowdays we live on jungle Full of gorilas and Animals trying to hunt you down….
    This is humanity And never going to change unless someone decide to make the difference By saying “ENOUGH”

    Aimbots lock on heads and the look only at one direction
    a normal player would check all paths to see if its clear to pass