Full screen crash fix

This patch corrects a minor oversight that could cause an occasional crash when running the game in full screen mode after returning from the desktop (alt+tab/Windows key).

To apply this update, please download the new release by clicking “Download” above orĀ here.

  1. Thanks for the update! Any news about HAC2 compatibility with OS?

    • It works with the latest version of OS except for map downloading. OS will give you an error about not being able to find the map. I’ll probably sneak in a workaround to placate OS in the next update.

  2. That is just what I was hoping to hear, that’s great news! Now what can we do about downloading .yelo files? Will open sauce or hac2 still be able to download these?


    • There aren’t any plans for HAC 2 to support downloading Yelo maps.