Map downloading patch

A small patch has been released this morning to correct a couple of issues with map downloading.

  • Sometimes players would receive an “error reading from archive” message rather than the real error.
  • Fixed an occasional problem where maps with spaces in their name could trigger an erroneous “map not found” message.
  • Maps with dots in their names were failing to download. This has been mostly resolved, see below.

Some map creators have used dots in their map names to distinguish between different versions but Halo’s server doesn’t handle this convention correctly and as a result, reports a truncated map name to HAC. For example, Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0.2 gets reported as Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0, likely because the server assumes everything after the dot is the file extension. This causes download attempts for certain maps to result in a ‘map not found’ error.

A workaround has been put in place for now and a patch has been added to SAPP (hopefully other server mods will follow) to correct the server’s behaviour. However, a better solution would be for map makers to avoid using dots in their map names and to use underscores instead. For example, Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0_2.

  1. About the compability issue with OS; are you in contact with Kornman or the other guys for, perhaps, collaborating on a fix or is that out of the question?

    • I’ve talked to one of the OS developers and they believed it’d take too much time to get both working in harmony.

      However, I didn’t see the problem since there are only a couple of problem spots that’d need minor changes so a fix isn’t off the table yet. I’ll probably be waiting on the next OS release (later this month apparently) before taking a closer look.