HAC Update

  • Fixed a custom chat issue that could cause the game to crash when using alt + tab.

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  1. I never encountered this problem :O

    • Perhaps you play in windowed mode, which wasn’t affected by it.

      • Nope I play in full screen

  2. is there any way to fix up the blood gulch server joining bug?

    • What bug?

      • for me, every server running blood gulch I can’t join. It just says connection issues. When I disable hac, works fine. don’t use any other mods

        • Try the ‘hac_flush_cache’ command. If that fails, is this a CE or PC problem?

          • CE, and it was a cache problem, thank you very much

          • No problem.

  3. Any chance of a feature that removes the friendly overhead markers and removes all hud?

    • Probably not, sorry.

      • Dang, I was really hoping some machinima tools might be built into this at one point.

        • There’s ‘devcam 1′ as an alias to built-in commands but apart from that, there’s nothing for machinima.

  4. hey, for the hac2 medals and stats to work, do i need the first download avaliable and then update it?
    when i have it installed with the latest download it shows the stats but it dosent track it, so everything stays at 0. and it dosent show the medals when i get double,triple and all the other medals.

    • HAC doesn’t have stats tracking so I’m not sure where you’re seeing it.

  5. So Sehe put some finishing touches on SAPP including a timer function (which I have still yet to see on any servers. Would it be possible to create a second “chat” area? The second chat would have to only be for server messages including the timer. The second chat could be given a specific location as well (top middle of screen ultimately, and in a very large font). Not sure if this is something that would have to be done in SAPP though… sounds like Sehe is looking to move on to other things. Would be awesome if btcc22 could work this into HAC2.