HAC Update

  • Fixed a medals related bug some users were experiencing that would cause the game’s process to remain open after exiting.
  • Fixed a custom chat rendering issue on Vista.
  • Fixed a small typo that causes the Halo Reach medals script to fail when awarded the ‘Unfriggenbelievable’ medal. Download the updated script here.
  1. Thanks for the Chat :3

  2. Great :3

  3. hac2 does NOT like to update with dial up…. it needs more than 60 seconds everytime an update is released, but its programed to timeout.

    • That’s why i requested Btcc22 for an offline version of HAC ” :)

      • yeah but i like to have it up to date. this only takes effect when a new update is released

  4. What font is used for the custom chat?
    I’m running Halo Custom Edition through 1.7 on Ubuntu 14.04, and I got all the right .dlls outlined in the comments a couple updates ago, and I have the official fonts for microsoft, unless maybe I’m missing a .dll? Sorry to pester you with this because it is certainly wine’s fault, not yours.

    • Sorry for bothering you, it randomly started working.

  5. seria genial que pudieran integrar unn sistema de vos

    • Porfavor, intenta que cualquier publicación hecha aqui en esta página, sea hecha en inglés, puesto que es el idioma principal de la página. Y sin faltas de ortografía. Gracias.

    • Well, he said that it would be great if they integrate a voice system.. I agree

      • I agree too.

  6. how big are most of these update packages?

    • ~260KB.

      • lol thats 2 kb to much before the timout time is reached for me

  7. Hi do you mind adding a feature to check what currently installed maps cant be auto download by other players? Or alternately do you have a list of the maps on the download server?

    • Oh I did to notice the map list up the top haha.

      • …and I didn’t notice this follow-up comment. :)

    • Click ‘Map List’ on the navigation.

  8. Would it be possible to add a feature to adjust weapon position?

    • I can investigate but no promises.

    • i want a command to disable the sightjacker

      • Is it because you want to free up F7?

        Or for server management anti-cheating reasons?

        Because if the server uses SAPP and scrim-mode is enabled, the sightjacker gets disabled.

        • it’s a server sided command

          to be written in init.txt
          disable_sj [arguments]

          For more details
          Ask sehe
          Xfire ID – lgbalazs

    • Sorry for feature requests but maybe make an unlimited character limit for profile names?

      It’s so ridiculously short.

      • It isn’t doable, I’m afraid. There are server-side restrictions that can’t be trivially changed.

  9. it would aslo be very usefull to have an auto translator, for chat, like for example, google conversation. if it were possible.

    • I’ve looked at the possibility before but it’d be too much work for something that I don’t believe would work particularly well.

  10. I know feature requests are annoying but do you mind adding the feature to allow clients with a bad CD key to join games hosted by legit 1.10 clients? Dedicated server mods allow you to do this but the only way to get “unofficial” players in client hosted games is to use the old ass 1.00 cracked CE exe. This is useful when you want to start a random game with a few people without having to set up a dedicated server.

    • This isn’t something I’d be interested in doing, I’m afraid.

      • Fair enough. They should put this game on steam already.

      • hey. i got this error and can’t remember how to fix it:
        “Unable to load HAC! Error code: 126″

  11. HAC 2 Medals Bug

  12. Hey, about medals – great work and improvement from the original Optic! It’s really nice to see some cool HPC stuff still floating around. Anyway, is there ever a plan for trying to get some other medals into the game, like the Extermination, Sticky kill, etc. Loving the work that’s been done so far! Just a thought.

    • It’s something I’d like to aim for but the technical hurdles are going to be tricky to leap.

  13. Can Anyone Please Help Me This IS Very Big Bug In Custom Chat & And It Come With Various Types Please Tell The Solution

    • This is not HAC 2’s bug!
      Stop using that TexMod XD

      • Ah I Know But Btcc22 Its A Request To Do Somethings?
        And I Just Want Say Can You Fix This Like Shown In This Video
        It Can Be Fixed By Config.txt If U Can Do That Will Be Good!

      • Ah I Know But Btcc22 Its A Request To Do Somethings?
        And I Just Want Say Can You Fix This Like Shown In This Video
        It Can Be Fixed By Config.txt If U Can Do That Will Be Good!

        I Dont Want To Disable Anything :v

        • These are the only things I can think of to fix this. 1. wipe your graphics drivers and then reinstall the latest ones. 2. Reinstall the game. 3. Reinstall your Operating system. Note that this could also be a result of a dying video card, could you tell me your system specs?

  14. Cannot connect to servers running Blood Gulch, says there may be connection issues each time. When I disable hac, works fine.

  15. And how is that work?Do i have to put the audio only and the other folder to my halo custom edition folder and plus the script and thats it ill have after that MEDALS?Cause im looking everywhere to find a good site for medals online.

  16. Sup Btcc, it’s been a while mate. d: ]

    There’s a PNG issue with the new update, this happens when I switch medal packs (to halo4). Each time, it’s always the same three, and in a continuous loop. I get the error: [string "api_version = "1.0.0"..."]:365:File not found: images/invincible.png, then, the other’s are on 274 killjoy.png and 323 killionaire.png

    I’ve checked the zip file and the files are all there, so I’ve not got a scoobydoo lol.
    I’m not sure what’s caused it, but everything’s been fine, until recently of course.

    Cheers in advance
    styLe thee eLusive1 d: )

  17. I was reading that originally HAC had a really nice stat tracking component. Is this still a feature? If not, any plans to get some deeper in-game statistics on kills by weapon, shots fired/shots hit accuracy numbers, grenade kills, melee kills, flag returns, medal counts, “double kill” and so on -award counts, etc…?

  18. How do you install it? Please help.

    • Read the instructions in the download.

  19. what can be the solution for HAC error code 5

    i have uninstall the halo and installed agian and updated it to 1.09 and installed opensorce.
    then i have put the loader file to the new halo directory (to the control folder)
    after that, HAC error code 5 arrives.
    then i uninstalled opensorce and removed the hac folder at C:\Users\…\Documents\My Games\Halo CE to see what happens,
    but still problem occures.
    windows 7 64 bit.

    • umm, error code 5 disappeared next day, i dont know why.
      but i still like to know what is the error code 5.

      i can run opensorce+HAC2 or opensorce+texmode or HAC2+texmode.
      but i cannot use opensorce+HAC2+texmode together. it freezes at the menu and creates a OS crashdump report.

      can you do anything from your side for this?

  20. Are we able to save the chat logs from the game?

    • Not at the moment.