HAC Update

Just a minor update to redirect all 1.09 clients (update to 1.10 already) to the new master server now that Gamespy has pulled the plug.

  1. This is actually pretty nice for those who wish to use OS + HAC combo in the future because Open Sauce will probably stick to 1.09 for quite a while. I’m not sure if they are compatible at the moment though because I’m getting crash on launch (Windows 8)?

    • There’s a problem on Windows 8 but otherwise it should be fine.

    • uhhh… does halo have a popup saying that the video hardware is below recommended minimum specs?… Open Sauce will only work on FULLY FUNCTIONAL halo clients, your card must meet its needs. however this leads to an open sugestion… a way to bypass that with hac2.

      • If there’s a problem with OpenSauce not working when it should, that’s something for their developers to fix. Sorry.

  2. cool

  3. Happy days abound!

  4. this is an offline issue that applies for all versions of HAC2, offline mode will not allow a gamepad to function on the game. and sometimes when the update timeout popup when it takes longer than usual. the panel is the cause of the glitch. can you guys look into this? thanks!!!

    • Sure, thanks.

  5. hola amigos ,les comento a mi me dejo de funcionar el halo y no se puedo actualizar alguien me puede decir como puedo hacer , desde ya muchas GRACIAS y le pido perdón si me espese mal soy nuevo en esto..

    • amigo, aqui no hables en español por que no te entenderan, y esto es solo para que en la 1.0.9 que es la que se quedo sin lobby aparezcan los servers… sin dejar de decir las muchas mas utilidades que tiene…

    • hola broder, te informo que hay un parche q, de hecho son unos archivos que hay q reemplazar para que puedas accesar a jugar haloce. puedes descargarlo desde aqui.

      • Removed the download link. HAC users don’t need a patch.

  6. u are going to do more actualizations or,you are doing another poject??

    • There’s at least one more feature to be added.

      • sweet, one more feature? or a fix? can you give us a sneak peak :D

        • A feature but it’s not quite ready to be shown.

          • okay :( we’ll wait! :D

      • Are you going to fix up the widescreen bug?
        and is it possible to fix up the team mate nav points? maybe make them more like halo 2 or at least a nicer looking font.

        • The radar issue is fairly complex so I can’t guarantee any fix for it. There aren’t any plans to change the nav points.

  7. Hi,

    I started using custom_chat 1 and it works except the text is unreadable
    Running Vista if that matters, thanks in advance!

    • Run the game in XP compatibility mode.

      • That worked, thank you!

  8. Cool ^.^

  9. I Need Help IN Custom Chat i See This Many Times And I Cant See Their Messages? Help Plz? ?
    These Are Some Examples—- The Lines Are Messages That I CANT See Help Fast :)


    • What graphics card do you use?

  10. Some hud items including radar ping, pistol scope and the sniper scope have a oval shape instead of a circle or other small issue. Other than that every thing else is working correctly. I’m running Halo CE Version 1.10.

    • Known issue but the solution isn’t simple, sadly.

  11. hola.¿como puedo descargar hac

  12. I love u btcc really good job ty

  13. Hi btc22 i am having the same problem that i used to have while using optic. Since the integration of optic to hac2 while having loaded an optic pack if i close halo 10 in a day then check task manager i will have 10 zombie halo proceses. after a few days of playing 20 -30 proceses wil b open. http://i58.tinypic.com/zthsoy.jpg

    • Still looking into that.

    • Should be fixed now. :)

  14. Would it be possible to have a chat log, like halochat v2’s?

    • It has been considered but I suppose I can take a look. ;)

  15. I had tried to paste the DLL file in targeted Directory. Application not able to open. I am getting Halo -Fatal Error.

    Problem: We have detected that one of the Halo PC files is missing or corrupted. We recommend removing and reinstalling the game.(maps\hydrolysis.map)

    Machine Info.

    2200MHz, 1024MB, 128M Intel (0x29a2)

    Click Here for more info



    Thats all. If i removed loader.dll file from the target folder application will be working fine with locally.

    This(my) software is cracked software & i didnt installed the halo application. Just Need to run halo.exe

    • Browse to C:\Users\Btcc22\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\maps and delete hydrolysis.map. If it’s not there, check My Games\Halo, although it’d be odd for a CE map to be in the PC folder.

      Failing that, update to 1.10.