HAC Update


  • Fixed an OpenSauce compatibility issue that crashed the game on launch.
  • Fixed a bug with 1.10 where the draw distance wasn’t automatically being increased for certain custom maps.

For those using WINE, if you could post your distro and whether you’re using HPC or HCE in the comments, that’d be helpful.

  1. Now you can see all the way across Hugeass! haha! Pretty cool. Very nice feature on some big big maps.

    Do you know if Open Sauce is going to be updated to work on HCE 1.10?

    I want to see HAC2, SAPP, and Open Sauce become official patches into the game. Then combine HPC and HCE into one game, make it subscription based at like $10/yr. and use to money to update the game regularly (new features, regular weekly anti-hacker updates, map-of-the-week spotlights, etc…) and provide official servers.

    • OS will get updated sometime soon.

      • it works in 1.10 ._.
        i have it

        • fuck, it stop working for the nothing >-<

    • sounds like wishful thinking

  2. do you can do something for coop games with same AI’s placed ??

    • Afraid not.

  3. I’m using Arch Linux, wine version 1.7.19, and Halo Custom Edition.

    Here’s a pastebin of the wine debugger. Maybe it will expose something. http://pastebin.com/yeiJpQ1V

    • Thanks. Are you able to get a copy of Microsoft’s msvcp100.dll and replace WINE’s version with that?

      • I also use Arch Linux with Halo CE and the same build of wine.

        HAC2 seems to work fine when using msvcp100.dll and msvcr100.dll taken from a Windows XP VM

        DLL’s: http://www.sendspace.com/file/q0ppxy

        • We have a solution then. Thanks for confirming. :)

          • The custom chat does not work. Does it depend on some font I don’t have?

            Anyway thanks for everything; its good to have decent FOV back.

          • Any errors when trying to use custom chat?

          • No, just blank chat.
            Also if I load a medal pack nothing gets announced.

            Sorry if this gets annoying considering its WINE’s fault and not yours.

          • The medal packs mute the announcer because they replace the default announcements with its own. However, it sounds like you’re not getting any medals being displayed either.

            It might be worth getting the official version of ‘d3dx9_43.dll’ too. If you don’t already have Winetricks, that might help.

          • d3dx9_43.dll did the trick to get the custom chat working. But like others, I’ve run into this bug http://i.imgur.com/Wy2xW3T.jpg

          • Also confirming that d3dx9_43.dll got the chat working but still no medals/announcements.

            sean8510: Do you have the M$ fonts installed? Chat looks good here.

          • Did you test the medals in an online game or LAN/self-hosted? Which pack did you try to load?

          • Halo 3 pack and a LAN with 3 VM’s running unmodded halo to use as test drones (WINE copy was host).
            Tried both CE and PC.

            There is a sniping server with a few players I might jump on that.

          • It works perfectly now with the ms fonts. Thanks for the help Doc. :)

          • Ok so medals work on online multiplayer.

            Really cool BTW

        • I can also confirm that it works. Thanks for providing those DLL’s! :)

  4. sometimes crashes when I minimise, no big deal but thought i should mention it

  5. hello again :D,
    these previous issues not yet fixed, even after the HAC Update….

    1) HAC2 says that “map not found” (Strategy Gulch beta map)
    maybe because is an old map? (map Date: 06/17/07 )
    map link: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=2890

    2) ‘battlecraft’ map auto downloads to,
    C:\Users\…….\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\maps.
    but it fails to deliver the map to the game map folder….
    (maybe because its a very highly compressed map?.
    the zip file is about 9mb, but after its unziped, its 80+mb)
    map link: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6777

    should someone re-upload those maps?

    • Added Strategy Gulch. Second point is intended behaviour,

  6. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140529220321/halo/es/images/d/d5/Score.PNG

    You can do this?

  7. HEEELLLPPP. My halo is crashing with every single console comand. All console comands, will close halo, and the a sign will pop up saying: “Gathering exception data…”

    • If you still have this problem, let me know if it still happens without HAC2.

  8. que hago?

  9. halo ce crashes before cinematics with os halo: 1.0.9

  10. sometimes when I load up a lan server it crashes and when I tried again, it created a file/gametype called ‘Classic Sla’ (I presume it’s meant to say slayer). It worked when I tried again, but when I delete the gametype it starts to crash again

    • No idea, sorry. Does this happen without HAC2?

  11. Still crashes for me using OS in 1.09

    • More details? Operating system version?

  12. HELLO,

    multi-team vehicle feature has issues…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    even both players has HAC2, some times when a player tries to get in to the vehicle player just lags on top of the vehicle without getting in…. (this happened to me too. i have HAC2 of course)

    but if i use sightjacker to see a player that has stuck like that, it doesn’t show player on top, but it shows player on the ground….
    and after about 1minute or so, he was disappeared from there and sat on a seat of a vehicle automatically…. :S

    this problem happens,
    1) when a player tries to get in to a vehicle when no players are in it.
    2) when a player tries to get in to a vehicle when a another player of the same team in it…
    3) when a player tries to get in to a vehicle when a another player of the other team in it…

    these problems exists even if i put mtv 1 as a admin command ( /mtv 1 )
    or even if i put through the SAPPs ‘init.txt’ file (mtv 1)

    please can u fix this…..
    it was really fun when it works,
    and this makes match-loosing critical issue when a player cannot get in to a vehicle when he has the flag (this has happened a lot of times)

    • hmm, should i remove the mtv 1 from the SAPPs ‘init’ file, and just apply it by admin command /mtv 1?
      because im starting to think that putting it on ‘init’ file may makes it “applying it after the next game starts” every time… because mtv 1 is on the ‘init’ file every time when a game is starting….
      i dont know im wrong or not about this argument…

  13. do you can make game lead, weapon streaks and the other sounds and medals please?

  14. I get error code 1114 Linux operating system 12.04 Ubuntu

    http://tinypic.com/m/i5yqs6/1 Please See All Images ! :)

    • Interesting. I don’t know what the issue is, I’m afraid.

  16. Please make it support d3d9 files such as ENB or FXAA. I am using 1280×720 resolution, No FXAA make the difinition not comfortable for me :D

    • You can use those tools in conjunction with HAC, as far as I’m aware. I won’t be adding similar function to HAC itself.