• Windows XP users will now be able to see the custom chat, although it’ll use an installed typeface rather than the featured one.  This bug is caused by Windows XP itself and there isn’t a suitable workaround (apart from getting a newer OS), although you’ll be able to select your own typeface at some point in the future.
  • Some maps could cause the game to crash after downloading. This was a regression (plain English: it worked, then I broke it) introduced in the January update.
  • Forgetting to use an option (0/1/true/false) with custom_chat will no longer cause a crash.


  • Medals.



This update introduces a Lua scriptable medal system. To get the ball rolling, I’ve provided three example medal packs (click to download); Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 4. To install a medal pack, simply download it to your HAC folder under the ‘packs’ directory (create it if it doesn’t exist) but do not extract it. For example:

Halo PC: C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\My Games\Halo\hac\packs
Halo CE: C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\packs

If we installed the Halo Reach pack to our CE HAC folder, it’d look like this:

C:\Users\Your_Username\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\packs\haloreach.zip

You can then use the following commands:

  • optic – display all available medal packs.
  • optic load <pack name> – load a medal pack. For example, optic load halo4.
  • optic unload - stop the medal system. You do not need to use unload to simply load another pack.

The optic load command only needs to be used once. HAC will remember your preference for the next time you start the game.

Creating your own medal packs:

Although you’re welcome to open the provided medal packs to see how I’ve done things, documentation will be forthcoming (next week, ideally).


If you encounter any problems with using Optic, please see the troubleshooting page.


  1. For the init text what do I have to write?

    • There’s no need to change your init.txt. HAC will remember your preference if you use the console command.

      • Thank you =D also I have another question if you don’t mind. Do i need to make separate folders for each pack, or just have one? Another I typed Optic load reach in my init text but badges don’t load and now halo killing sprees have no sound. Did I did something wrong? Just answer me in one place so you dont have to post both sides l0l.

        • No, they all go in the same folder. Just to clarify, do not extract the archives. Just put them in the ‘packs’ folder.

          The name used in optic load should match the pack’s file name, so for Reach, it’d be ‘optic load haloreach’.

  2. Thank you for breathing new life into the old girl. This looks great, can’t wait to try it later tonight.

    Also, I’ve always wondered: do ever actually get on and play the game sometimes? If so, which server(s) do you frequent?

    • Haven’t had much chance to play recently but if I do, it’ll probably be in the Realworld game nights or servers that use the stock weapons with decent settings (so no sniper/rocket/any other specific weapon games) with a decent map rotation. ;)

      • Noted! See you on Xfire

  3. YAY finally optic V2 :D

    • Speaking of Optic, with the new system is it possible to script in an option to move re-position the chat/game messages to different sides of the screen? And does it save medal-count and K/D ratio like Optic did?

      • That will be an option later on but I haven’t decided whether it’ll be possible to script it, even though under the hood it uses the medal system (each line of text is actually a medal with a custom animation). I need to keep a decent ‘useful feature/implementation and support headache’ ratio. ;)

        This system isn’t able to save stats. While it’s a much requested feature, it’d be tricky to implement given that it’s a scriptable system versus Optic’s entirely static and preprogrammed medals. What may count as a double kill in one script may not in another, assuming it even has double kills to begin with or that the script author was capable enough to make it work properly.

        I reckon any stats system would have to be its own feature rather than getting into a mess by trying to add it to the medals.

        • I do not believe that it works of the statistics, in optic was more easy because you presionabas F1 and appeared the statistics, but HAC2 I think it would be another type of command or option.

  4. now I can already see the custom chat :D

    • was because I used windows XP xd

  5. the optic isn’t workiing on my halo
    it says

    [string “api_version= “1.0.0”
    …” :16: Spree mute hook failed!

    • Remove Optic 1. You can’t use both at the same time (wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense).

      • Wow.. that was what I did before

      • thaks

  6. I have an idea that I think It would not be possible to make:

    TextLag or Halo Chat V2

    Although I think that HAC2 already implements this feature or think that you lacking to implement it

  7. Cool,

    I dunno if Optic 2 (loaded Halo 4) bugs are on my end or server. I was in Lickity’s race server in PC. Whenever me or my teammate got nav. Optic 2 mistake it as CTF or something. Like Flag Runner or Flag Champion!. Lickity’s server running *cough**cough* Phassor.*cough* I testing that bugs in other server like -db- (gandunor) and ServerDev.net (SAPP) and nothing come up.

    Any idea?

    • Optic 2’s fault. Will try to fix it for the next update.

  8. a friend have gathering ecxeption data when he loads a pack

    • Download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=35

      • he its going to install it, if it ont works i say to you

      • hahahah he says taht thanks and he loves you :P

        • lol

    • I am a friend… my halo have gathering and no load a pack

      • Thank you onli download? or have process

        • Run it.

  9. So I’m new to Halo CE modding, how do I input commands? I can’t find out how anywhere.

    • Add -console to your Halo shortcut and then press ` in the game.

  10. can you do this for single player?

    • Afraid not.

  11. Hey Man, great work, but with this update I’m getting a new problem with OS. I’m stuck at the HALO screen, the one that appears when you open the game, but I can still hear the music and also the clicking on options and that stuff, It’s just the screen that’s stuck. The problem goes away once I disable OS.

    • Seems there’s a snag with OS, again. Looking into it.

  12. Amazing work, the amount of difference the medals make as a feedback system to the gameplay is kind of astonishing ;P.
    Everything is fun again 10/10

  13. Hey dude, loving the update, only problem is I can’t get console working for some reason.
    Is there a way to activate it in my halo ce preferences file?

    • Add -console to your Halo shortcut and then press ` in the game.

      • I use bitterbanana’s devmode and it worked up until either this update or halo 1.0.10, I’m not sure when it specifically started, but it used to work fine.

      • never mind, I tried it your way and it works fine

  14. GREAT ADDITION! Maybe better than the original optic. Now with Revenge and Killjoy awards! Would like to see the career stats added in at some point.

    HAC2 is quickly turning into the most comprehensive set of Halo add-ons and custom options.

    Would a in-game clock have to be something coded in sapp? or can a hud game clock be added in HAC2?

    • Also, how about display score and time remaining in low-right corner? Like in Halo 2, 3, Reach, and 4

      • Time remaining isn’t possible (the game doesn’t know, to the best of my knowledge). The score is doable but not a particularly compelling feature, in my opinion.

        • Halo Reach medal set is missing the string for “unfriggenbelievable” apparently… I just got an error in game. didn’t crash the game though.

          • …and once you go past unfriggenbelievable and get the error, then none of the awards work.

          • Oops, wonder how that slipped through. I’ll sort it, thanks.

        • I’d love the score feature

    • It’d have to be SAPP. The client doesn’t know how long is left (apart from when the server tells it at set intervals).

  15. Any chance you could add a headshot kill medal? Or is something like that not even possible in a mod like this? Anyway, awesome job :D

    • Still investigating the options for this.

      • Cool :D Hey I don’t know if you’re aware of this glitch, but when I use the Reach medals, it leaves my game running in the backround and I have to kill it with task manager to get rid of it. As far as I can tell it only happens with the Reach medals, but it is pretty annoying because I didn’t realize until had like 5 running in the backround before I noticed lol. Also, this used to happen when I had the Optic mod installed.

  16. http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140529220321/halo/es/images/d/d5/Score.PNG

    You can do this?

  17. hello, i need help, some maps will not auto download by the HAC2, even if the map available at halomaps.org

    map 1)
    HAC2 says “map not found” and then says ‘invalid address’…
    but the map is available at halomaps.org. i got it from there.

    map 2)
    this map downloads by HAC2, but this error comes as soon as it downloads..
    http://i.imgur.com/uXf9VbW.png (it also happened to other players)
    map: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=6777

    other maps downloads fine. to my PC and other players PCs.

    can the HAC2 creator help me?

    • Have you tried since the last update?

      • yes, i even tried today… after your reply :D
        both problems still exists…

        server is not in my pc….
        if i put the maps manually to my game map folder, it works..
        which mean there should not be problem with my server mapcycle ( incorrectly typed map name etc…)

        1) HAC2 says that “map not found” (Strategy Gulch beta map)
        maybe because is an old map? (map Date: 06/17/07 )

        2) ‘battlecraft’ map auto downloads to,
        C:\Users\…….\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\maps.
        but it fails to deliver the map to the game map folder….
        (maybe because its a very highly compressed map?.
        the zip file is about 9mb, but after its unziped, its 80+mb)

        i need both maps so badly….
        specially 1st one….

        • edit:
          2) forgot to tell that its not a ‘crashing’ like my first post, but,
          after the auto downloading of battlecraft,
          this massage appear,
          “attention, could not join this server. there may be connection issues.”

          and then if i quit halo to desltop, and restart the halo and tried to login the server again, then halo automatically quits and “gathering exception” massages arrives…. (when the map is on the server while trying to connects to it….)

          map is at C:\Users\…….\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\hac\maps.
          but not at the game map folder

  18. Is it possible to do assassinations, sticky kills & headshots?

    • Not yet but hopefully sooner rather than later.

      • can’t wait man, keep up the good work.
        oh and beatdowns as I’m sure you’ve already considered

        • Yeah but it’s easier said than done.

  19. Hi,

    Maybe another bug. Using Halo CE 1.10 + latest HAC2 and nothing else mods install. Sometime I play hugeass map that where I can’t see another side of base. HAC2 should allow me to see base at other side of hugeass map. Am I missing something?


    • Type ‘draw 4096′.

  20. I need some help, Btcc22 heh d:]

    I’ve removed Optic (or atleast I think I have) and then followed your instructions. I left both halo4 and haloreach in their zip form and created that packs folder. When I load CE, (I haven’t done this for FV) the bottom left say’s, “Optic pack loaded!” — at this point I’m thinking, ‘okay, I’ve finally sorted the api verson 1.0.0 error messege I had’.

    Now, when I went into LAN (to test the features) there wasn’t any sounds from optic, such as, suiciding or when I grabbed the flag. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong, and I’m on WinXP (for CE/FV)

    P.s Ey dboy* d: P He’s from team -db- as well.


    • It doesn’t work if you’re the host of the game using the built-in server. Run the dedicated server instead or join a game that somebody else is hosting.

  21. Can you make HAC2 query 1.00ce servers like it used to? There are 2000+ playing on there at this moment in time compared to the 700 or so players that are showing up on 1.10 (with HAC2). Actually this request may be pretty useless seeing as Gamespy support ends today/tomorrow and those numbers could drop considerably, I just hope those players won’t be lost for good. I should also mention that my text now works fine, so thanks!

    • Thinking about it, the bigger problem is these players can’t see the 1.10 servers (and other versions), so many of the servers that were active before are hardly active at all now. Seeing as the 1.00CE players are basically pirates I guess a new version of Halo portable with 1.10 exe’s would remedy this. Not that I’m advocating such things!

  22. I have a problem with chat,is less of one problem is arranged only while I’m still playing


  23. The “You …SUUUCK!” as an option? for the suicide sound bit.

    • It is but you’d have to add it to the script yourself.

      • Yea i figured that, thought it would be..somewhat funny and something unique for optic.

  24. Which version of dev am I supposed to be using. I’ve always used alldev by E3pO, but now with 1.10, I can’t get any version of dev to work. Can someone link me to the right version?

    • You don’t need it at all.

  25. Unable to load optick pack Solution?

    • Make sure you’re typing the name in correctly.

      • LOL sorry xD the error says ” Unable To open optick pack” i made all the steps and i dowloand a new halo and the error still appearing

    • i have the same error PLZZZ HELP !!!!

  26. I can’t open Optic Pack Help :”(

    • What did you type?

      • Forget it. I fix it, thanks anyway for the reply :’)

        • For god’s sake, aren’t you at least gonna tell how you fixed it so others having the same issue can do the same? It’s the first rule of internet help etiquette, man.

  27. How i can make the medals do not appared behind the letters?

    • I want to see my dialog box like the dialog box of the video :/

  28. Hey man, i got a little problem with the medals.

    When i type the ones i want to load (e.g. haloreach) then suddenly my halo crashes, and a little window warns: Gathering exception data.

    I’ve opened my halo as administrator, but the same.

    Heeelllp :(

    • Follow the instructions on the troubleshooting page if you haven’t sorted it.

  29. Why pictures of medals HAC2 appear very small when i’m playing?



  32. Hi btc22 i am having the same problem that i used to have while using optic. Since the integration of optic to hac2 while having loaded an optic pack if i close halo 10 in a day then check task manager i will have 10 zombie halo proceses. after a few days of playing 20 -30 proceses wil b open. http://i58.tinypic.com/zthsoy.jpg

  33. my specs are fresh installed windows 7 x64 AMD A10-6600k Apu Graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series plenty of ram

  34. I have edited the images a little bit, added animation and saved it as gif. But it seems like gif doesn’t work for halo4. I have edited the lua script . Is there any way to make gif format work ?

    • GIF isn’t supported, sorry. If you want animation, you’ll need to use a spritesheet (Halo 4 pack has an example).

  35. The Halo 1 announcer doesn’t go mute during ctf events. There’s double announcement when I cap and the “flag_taken” etc audio files are left unused. This is probably an issue on my end but any idea what could be causing it?

    • I’ll take a look.