HAC Update


  • HAC and OpenSauce are once again compatible.
  • Fixed an error that could prevent custom_chat 1 from working (“Unable to load font!”).
  • Fixed a HUD issue where the game type icon wasn’t being scaled correctly on extremely wide resolutions.
  • Added a new command, font_size, that can be used to control the custom chat size. Example: font_size 30.

Known issues:

  • HAC no longer loads on WINE. I’m still looking into this.
  • Corrupt chat text on low-end graphics hardware. May not be able to solve this without access to a machine experiencing the problem.
  1. What font does the custom chat use? It works now after the update but the text that is displayed is wrong.

    • Can you show me a screenshot?

  2. http://tinypic.com/r/2s0h5wp/8

    • Thanks. What graphics card and OS do you use?

      Would you be willing to use Teamviewer (if you have Xfire)?

      • I have the same issue…
        I’m using a crappy Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS (512 mb)
        in Windows XP SP3.
        xfire: tony542.
        I don’t mind using Teamview, but it might be complicated since the OS is configured in Spanish.
        Anyways, if i can help to solve this issue i’m more than willing to, the chat looks awesome. if i only could read it…

  3. Thanks for not forgetting about us WINE folks. I can’t wait to see the changes once I’m able to! :)

    • Trying to reproduce the WINE issue. What distro are you using and was it CE or PC?

  4. Amazing work man, keep it up. Working without flaws

    • Glad to hear it. :)

  5. I love it when HAC2 gets updated and there is something to play around with :3
    Keep up the good work man!

  6. Unable to load font! code -21468993809

    • That’s not a real error code. Can you double check it please?

  7. I have only just reinstalled halo because of the main game update and found this. I quite like the widescreen feature but I noticed a small i guess bug that make the ‘ping’ in the radar still act like it doesn’t have the fix. Not a big deal or anything but I thought I’d let you know. Nice work though anyway :)

  8. Can you fix my sniper scope?


  9. Any chance for a Thirdperson Option?

    • Unlikely, sorry.

  10. I have an idea that (idk how simple it really is) is simple and would be handy.
    How about a zoom on erry weapon, much like halo 2 and 3 etc

  11. Is there any way to get ‘shiny graphics’ without losing liquid camo and/or water surface?

    • Not to my knowledge.

  12. Please fix this problem… My friend is getting this problem ….he is from Hungary


  13. I heard that you made optic 2…..so when you are gonna release that ? :P

  14. needs a new update client. suggestion: allow this to take more than 60 seconds before timouts for slower net users.

  15. Hac 2 doesn’t work offline :(. It tries to check for update every time, crashes halo them does it again next time you start halo.

    • Make sure you’re using the latest loader.dll. Try redownloading it from the link at the top.

      • Yes btcc22 same problem with me……it doesn’t work offline….i have the latest one

      • Installed latest, still says connection timed out every time.

  16. Thanks Btcc22 for the font size alteration….You are great…..I love this custom chat..whenever i am offline then hac 2 shows a dialog box “Checking for Updates” ……then Halo don’t work……So i have to remove the loader.dll ….and paste again when i am online…..Please fix hac 2 for offline…thanks :) :D :3 ^_^

  17. Is there any way to paste the text from clipboard to halo chat…….or in your custom chat? If no….then can you make it possible?

    • There isn’t. I probably won’t add it because it’d likely just be used for spamming.

  18. as Mihir Gates said… when playing Halo offline / no internet acces it says “invalid network adress” or “checking for updates” or someting about “timing expires” after that, halo show the main menu kinda zoomed and then if I quit or start a game… crashes(exception with no report file) everything else works fine, can you please fix that? or make hac 2 update by a schedule? by the way pretty nice work! thanks Btcc22, HAC 2 is awesome! can’t wait to see it with optic implemented!.

    • I’ll release an updated loader.dll shortly.

  19. is there any way you could release an update disabling sightjacker? as i am now having problems with players abusing sightjacker to get kills

    • Server admins can disable it. I won’t be making any feature changes, sorry.

  20. there is a solution for HAC offline only thing is when they open the halo with internet the temporary folder windows 2 files hac.dll hac.tag files and copy it to the root directory of halo and it works without internet. to enter the temporary folder windows open run and write temp and %temp%, temp opens the windows temp folder % temp% and opens the temporary folder ofthe user.

    translated from Spanish to English in translator google

  21. Hey Btcc22, a guy named RIshi Raj saying that he made the server browser script with you……He helped you ?

    • No idea who he is, so nope.

      • Okay….

      • who is Roger Wolfson?

        • He works for Bungie.

  22. any solution apart from using teamviewer for the chat font?

    • Next update.

  23. hello; when I open my Halo CE v1.10 including HAC2 tells me:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\MSVCP100.dll not designed to run on Windows or contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact system administrator or the software vendor for assistance

    and then the message appears Unable to load HAC! Error code: 193

    please could help me because I really like using the HAC2

    • That’s a Windows error. Not sure where you got that file from but delete it and follow the instructions on the troubleshooting page. Should sort it out.

  24. as can be reactivated medals?

    • What?

  25. How do I change the font of the chat?
    Command what I need?

    • what command I Need?

    • You can’t change it.