HAC Update


  • Fixed a bug in HAC’s crash handler that was causing some crashes to be falsely attributed to HAC.
  • Added more detailed error feedback for the custom_chat 1 command.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially cause a crash when launching/maximising the game.

Compatibility notes:

  • OpenSauce and HAC 2 are currently incompatible. A solution is being worked on, so hold tight.
  • Optic may have compatibility issues on some systems. A solution is being worked on.
  • Halo Chat V2 won’t work if custom_chat 1 is being used (and vice versa). This isn’t considered to be a bug, so there are no plans to fix this.
  1. I still have the error of the text chat :(

    Perhaps my halo ce

    because I play with 64 MB of video (integrated)

    and 1GB RAM

    • I’m still not sure what’s causing that.

    • Could you give Sehe’s Halo Chat V2 a go? If it doesn’t work either, it’ll help with narrowing the problem down.

      The download link is: http://www.xhalo.tk/downloads/HaloChatV2.zip

      If that doesn’t work either, it might be useful to use Teamviewer to figure the problem out (if you were willing).


  2. had the Halo Chat V2 but I had to remove it if that was causing me problems

    often the exception and not message received my halo ce lately is because

    I don’t think that uninstalled is nicely open willow and up to now remove the optic but it causes me problems the HAC2

    I was playing a game and kill 2 players and I take my exception game and not be because

  3. Now replace files (if there was a bad thing) and I get this message


    • I had the same problem Arby. I solved it by removing the HaloChatV2.dll from the Haloader folder.

    • If have Xfire and were willing to use Teamviewer, I could take a better look. I can’t think of a reason for the problem otherwise.

      • Xfire can install but Teamviewer not think: S

      • You are welcome to address my issue via teamviewer.

        • What issue are you having?

          • the chat messaging, says cannot find font

          • Ah, alright. Do you have Xfire?

  4. Hi the problem I have is that the chat is too small I use a laptop and for reasons of graphics card and RAM should I play halo and halo ce with a resolution of 640×480, the rest all goes well and changing the hud does not save me to exit the game the original blue color becomes. thanks

    • The chat size will be adjusted soon. :)

      I’ll take a look into the HUD colour problem.

      • ok thanks

    • also game halo ce with that resolution by my computer

    • I have the hud colour problem too, it’s to do with your preferences file in the halo ce folder in documents

  5. Which font do I need to enable the custom chat?

    • None. Are you getting an error?

        • Strange. Thanks.

          • Bad luck for me.. any fix?

        • I’m looking into it but there’s nothing obviously wrong. What OS do you use?

          • Windows 8.1 pro 64 bits

        • Thanks. Can’t reply to your actual comment (too nested for WordPress).

          • Ok, I have dual boot Win8-XP, tried the custom chat thing in XP and still the same error..

        • Very strange. I’ll add some extra error messages to the next release. Alternatively, if you were willing, I might be able to diagnose the problem over Teamviewer.

  6. error loading font. is there more files?

    • Nope. Wait for today’s update and we’ll see if anything changes.

    • Updated.

  7. In my latop i am getting this error

  8. In my laptop i am getting this error 1114

    • Try removing other mods first.

      • Ok thanks

  9. Please increase the font size of custom_chat :D :3 ^_^

  10. Here’s an idea for an addition to the chat upgrade, how about the ability to private message in-game? Potentially people could keep their flame wars private that way. Otherwise a great way to exchange xfire/steam info’s and stuff without trolls seeing it. It could possibly work with the sv_players command which assigns each player a unique number within the server. Then to PM player number 4 you type in chat “@4 my steam is blahblahnarnar” — what would make this even better would be to have any text in chat that is a pm for you or “you killed…” or “____ killed you” appear in a different color. If standard text is grey, then orange would be great.

    I’ve looked all over for an in-game clock and haven’t found anything useful. Does anyone have a good in-game clock mod? Would also be a huge addition in HAC2. Give players the ability to time weapon/pup spawns!!!

    • Private messaging would have to be a feature implemented by the server. It wouldn’t be doable in HAC.

      Timing was one of the first features in HAC but it was cut from the first release for the sake of avoiding any detrimental effect on scrims.

  11. supposed that HAC2 is updated automatically?
    no need to download it again?

    • Correct.

  12. is it possible to enforce no-lead?

    • as an idea

    • Not from HAC. It’s up to the server admins.

  13. I am just wondering where the servers are broadcasted now….. previously GameSpy was broadcasting….now who is broadcasting?

    • Bungie.

      • Okay :D :) :3 ^_^

  14. Unable to load font!
    How to repair this problem?

    • Should be solved.