HAC 2.1.3 Update

Just a minor update to fix a few issues introduced by the rushed 2.1.2 that was primarily intended as a 1.10 compatibility patch.


  • Joining 1.10 servers on Halo PC (CE unaffected) will now work as expected.
  • Map downloading is once again functional.
  • “Play ball” is no longer announced in the place of “double kill”, as amusing as it was.

As a peace offering, a console command that can be used to enable a test version of the new chat system has been added. If you’d like to give it a try, use ‘custom_chat 1‘. An example of what to expect below.


  1. I had this chat before it was cool ;)

  2. The chat is a bit small

    • I’m aware that it can be a bit small on some lower resolutions. It’ll be sorted by the time of its ‘real’ release.

      • Ok thx. Also, would we be able to change font and font size using CONTENT?

        • Afraid not. There will be customisation options available later.

  3. Would you be able to implement this?

    • Unlikely, sorry. It’d be too much work without enough of a benefit.

  4. I’m getting “Direct3D hooks failed” Error when I try to open the game, and then I get “Unable to load HAC! Error code: 998″ . I have Halo CE 1.09 with Open Sauce enabled. I didn’t have this problem before, with the same config.

    • Are you able to try again without OS? You can temporarily disable OS by renaming the dinput8.dll in your Halo folder to anything else, I believe.

      • Well yeah, I can get the game running without OS, but I before I could use both, HAC and OS. Isn’t there a way to use both of them now? Thanks for the quick answer.
        PD: Sorry, didn’t notice the reply option before. Delete my other comment please.

        • Done.

          My previous reply:
          I’ll take a look into it for you. I’ll get back to you tomorrow (or later today if you’re in Europe).

        • I’ve looked into this and talked to Kornman00 about it. Hopefully I can get it sorted soon.

          • Thanks, I appreciate that.

  5. “An error occurred while loading custom chat!”

    • Which version of Halo are you using?

  6. Great, thanks. It’s nice to see there are still comprehensive people willing to help on the internet.

  7. English Halo Custom Edition 1.00.10

    • Thanks. I’ll release an update tomorrow that should help with narrowing the problem down a bit.

      • Thanks man, your’e amazing!

  8. Like sean8510 I also get error code 317 when using Wine. All older versions of HAC worked.

    Is there another way to see those 1.09 SAPP servers in the 1.10 server list?

    • Still looking into that WINE problem. Try this: http://halo-fixes.findforum.net/t21-version-changer

      • Let me know if I can help at all to fix the issue.

        • Thanks, will do. Still looking into it. :)

  9. You know how in halo custom edition when you press f3 you can see usernames above teammate’s heads without looking directly at them?
    Would this be able to be implemented?

    • Perhaps one day but no immediate plans.

  10. where do I put the code custom_chat 1?

    • In the console. You’ll need to start the game with -console added to the shortcut and then press ‘`’ to bring it up.

  11. where I can download the new hac2?

    • You already have it if you’ve been using HAC2. Otherwise, download button, right above you.

  12. “An error occurred while loading custom chat!”
    Halo Custom Edition with patch 1.10 D:

    • Should be an update later today to help troubleshoot.

  13. now works but…

    • Thanks, I’ll look into it.

  14. how to use te new chat??? my halo CE version is 1.0.10,I have added “-console” to shortcut and put “custon_chat 1″ in the console and I get this:

    • custom, not custon.

      • Ok, now it appears “gathering exception data”

        • Try installing the Direct3D file linked under the troubleshooting page.

          • thanks man =),but you can make the font bigger??

          • I can. :)

  15. Would you be able to release a version exactly the same without the sightjacker? Quite a few people don’t like it when people use the sj on their servers.
    Also, I know you can disable it if you use sapp but is there a Phasor script that could disable it?

    • Afraid not. You’d have to talk to Oxide to see if he’d be willing to implement a feature to allow Phasor to disable it.

  16. When will the Optic badges will be implemented?

    • No set date but I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long.

  17. Where is the link of new update?

  18. Only 30 servers are shown in the new patch 1.10 ??? Why???? Please help :/

    • Servers are still migrating.

      • Please increase the font size of custom_chat :D

  19. Custom HUD colors are awesome! Custom text is really cool (a bit small though)! Scope blur options a huge plus!

    When the hpc 1.10 auto-update goes live will there be more servers in the list? Right now on 1.10 there are only like 20-30 servers. THANK GOD the Bud Killzone and Warzone servers are in there! Love gaming there. *(nvm, I just had my filters set not to show empty servers… whew!)

    @foxx — I believe sighjacker can be disabled by server admin by enabling scrim mode.

    Huge fan of everything you are doing here! btw, does sehe’s optic work anymore. Mine worked for a bit and then suddenly the stat tracking just stopped….

    Anyways, a career stat tracking option would be awesome in HAC2. If it’s possible, also show overall kills per weapon or nade or melee, and accuracy percentages! I really like the sounds and emblems that displayed with sehe’s optic add-on though.

    The one thing that I’ve always thought Halo needed was a more in-depth score board. Weapon statistics, nade kills, melee kills, accuracy, shots fired, shots hit, headshots count, highest spree, etc… something like quake has with cpma http://www.esreality.com/files/placeimages/2010/79622-premiumscoreboard.jpg

    Thanks for all that you do!

    • It depends when server owners decide to switch. I’d expect the move to gather pace after the 31st.

      I think Optic has a few compatibility problems at the moment.

  20. Please increase the font size of custom_chat :D :3 ^_^

    • font_size #
      example font_size 18

  21. hi Btcc22. thanks for your work on giving Halo PC a new lease on life, particularly as of late! after years i finally gave HAC2 a try, and i can’t believe what i was missing all these years. you’ve done great things for the Halo PC community and i want to thank you for that. take care.

    • Long time, no see! Hope you’re doing well and thanks! :)

  22. Because the chat is diagonally?

    • What?

    • por el chat de halorech
      y tu pregunta en ingles esta mal formulada

      • wtf is reach :D