HAC 2.1.2 Update

Note: If you’re having problems since updating to 1.10, please remove all other mods to ensure that the problem is actually related to HAC 2.

Note #2: If you’re experiencing an ‘error 126‘, attempt installing the latest Direct3D9 from: http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=35

Aside from 1.10 compatibility, here’s the list of changes:

Bug fixes:

  • The sightjacker will no longer advance by two players at a time when using the keyboard controls.
  • HUD colour resets now save correctly.
  • Field of view preferences had a small chance to reset if the game didn’t exit correctly.


  • The sightjacker will now automatically continue to track your target after respawning.
  • The BSP upgrade is now available for all game versions rather than just CE 1.09.
  • The HUD colour shortcut key has been moved from F9 to F8.

New features overview:

  • The particle limit has been increased by 50%.
  • Active camouflage now renders correctly on Nvidia cards (not tied to 1.10).
  • Scope blur can be disabled via a console command without requiring the disablealpharendertargets config.txt mod.
  • Resolution selection is no longer limited to a maximum of 1600×1200 (not tied to 1.10).
  • Your resolution in windowed mode can now match your desktop resolution.
  • The game now has a windowed-fullscreen mode.

Active Camouflage:

The full active camouflage effect will now display correctly on Nvidia cards by default. If you wish to revert to the old effect, you can use the console command camo_fix 0.

Active Camouflage Fix

Scope Blur:

Scope blur can now be toggled with the command scope_blur 0/1. This removes the need to add the potential undesirable disablealpharendertargets option to your config.txt.


Resolutions & Windowed-Fullscreen mode:

The requirement to specify the -vidmode argument has been removed with a fix to Halo’s video options to allow for the selection of all supported resolutions.

Additionally, when running the game in windowed mode (-window), users can toggle between windowed and the new windowed-fullscreen mode by pressing alt + enter. As with other games that offer a windowed-fullscreen option, your game resolution must match your desktop resolution to be able to enter windowed-fullscreen. The reason for this limitation is simply that the window scaling used by Windows 7 and up makes the game look awful if it has to be stretched.



  2. The update broke the graphics and the menu. menu exit and some textures are non existent in game portal an alot of textures are in the wrong place wen i remove the loader.dll everything fixes it self but video settings reset ,not using other plugins computer specs amd a10-6600k radeon 7750 halo ce

  3. Halo with OS gets error 998.

    • OS isn’t compatible with 1.10, yet.

  4. error code 126 when i start up halo right after the update

    • Have you tried the solutions on the troubleshooting page? Let me know if you still have no luck.

    • New update: Check “note #2″ at the top of the post. Should solve it, hopefully.

  5. Hi Btcc22,
    Thanks a lot for the work you put into the new patch and into HAC2! Is Sehe’s anticheat compatible with HAC2 yet?


    • Afraid not. :(

  6. I just noticed that map downloading doesn’t work for me. It downloads the map and gives error “An error has occurred loading a map file” and map is not in the maps folder. Map downloading always worked fine before. Also, I’m using 1.10 version of Halo CE.

    • Yep, seems to be a slight problem there. Will be fixed in an update tomorrow.

  7. I’m getting error code 317 and HAC won’t load. Any idea what that means/how to fix it?

    • Any other messages? Could you post a screenshot of the error?


  8. http://i.imgur.com/KOFDyH9.png
    That’s pretty much it. I use Linux btw, but HAC has always been compatible with the earlier versions of Halo.

    • Thanks. I’ll take a look into it.

      • Thank you very much!

  9. Good work! Wasn’t this supposed to have the Optic Mod? </3

    • Keep your eyes peeled. ;)

      • What do you mean? D:

  10. Not perfect but pretty goddamn good. Makes the game actually playable, keep up the good work dude!

    • looking very forward to future updates