Another update, at long last.


  • Added a sightjacker.
  • Added support for multi-team vehicles in SAPP servers.
  • Devmode commands can now be used on HPC, as well as HCE.
  • Bookmarks are now capped at 20. This limit will be raised in a future update.
  • Removed console commands for manipulating bookmarks. The key shortcuts are on the commands page.
  • The server list’s message of the day can now be used to display HAC related notifications.
  • The “about” command will show you the current HAC 2 version and release date.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to join another game during a map download.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to join another game while queued to join a full server.
  • Fixed an error that caused a networking dialogue to be displayed when querying local servers that were offline.
  • A bunch of general improvements/tweaks that are of little interest.

Multi-team vehicles:

The multi-team vehicles feature allows players from opposing teams to share the same vehicle. To see this feature in action, the server must be running SAPP and the administrator needs to enable it with /mtv 1. Vehicles occupied by both a blue and a red player will not sync correctly for players without HAC 2.

Note: Changes to the server’s MTV settings will not take effect until the next game.


To enable the sightjacker, press F7. Switching between players is done with either the scroll-wheel or by using the plus and minus keys.

As a protection mechanism, server administrators can disable HAC 2′s sightjacking capabilities by enabling scrim mode with SAPP’s /scrim_mode 1 command. Ideally, a more specific /sj would be added in the future.

Note: Enabling/disabling the sightjacker with the scrim mode command will not take effect until the next game.

Finally, a thanks to SharpLeaf and another to Gijs of EliteGameServers.net for providing an additional mirror to support the map downloading service.