Full screen crash fix

This patch corrects a minor oversight that could cause an occasional crash when running the game in full screen mode after returning from the desktop (alt+tab/Windows key).

To apply this update, please download the new release by clicking “Download” above orĀ here.


Map downloading statistics

It has been around six weeks since HAC 2 launched and we’re approaching 15,000 in-game map downloads served, so it seems like an arbitrary a good time to post some statistics on map downloading.

Top 10 downloaded maps:

  1. CMT Snow Grove
  2. Yoyorast Island
  3. Ambush
  4. Extinction
  5. RPG Beta 6.2
  6. Immure
  7. Yoyorast Island v2
  8. Coldsnap
  9. Hugeass
  10. [H3]Bloodgulch

As map downloading catches on for scrims and game nights hosted by various clans/groups, a number of the smaller/medium sized maps are quickly working their way up the ranks, especially with the more recent release of SAPP 5.6′s integrated map downloading for dedicated servers.

There’s still work to be done but so far it has been great to see the flurry of interest in playing and exploring the custom maps the game has to offer rather than having to stick to the handful of stock maps we’ve been playing ad nauseum for the past decade.