Extra maps added

Roughly 1,600 new maps have been made available for downloading in-game, bringing the total to around 2,500 maps.

Until the full site is launched, the available maps can be viewed by clicking “Map List” on the menu bar.


Downloading bug fix

A patch has been released to fix a crash that some users were occasionally experiencing during map changes that triggered map downloading.


Map downloading patch

A small patch has been released this morning to correct a couple of issues with map downloading.

  • Sometimes players would receive an “error reading from archive” message rather than the real error.
  • Fixed an occasional problem where maps with spaces in their name could trigger an erroneous “map not found” message.
  • Maps with dots in their names were failing to download. This has been mostly resolved, see below.

Some map creators have used dots in their map names to distinguish between different versions but Halo’s server doesn’t handle this convention correctly and as a result, reports a truncated map name to HAC. For example, Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0.2 gets reported as Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0, likely because the server assumes everything after the dot is the file extension. This causes download attempts for certain maps to result in a ‘map not found’ error.

A workaround has been put in place for now and a patch has been added to SAPP (hopefully other server mods will follow) to correct the server’s behaviour. However, a better solution would be for map makers to avoid using dots in their map names and to use underscores instead. For example, Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0_2.


Full server auto-join

Just a small patch that includes a couple of minor fixes and two extra feature.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented map downloading/version changing from being triggered under certain conditions.
  • Your field of view can now be reset by holding down left shift and pressing F6 (the adjustment key).
  • If you attempt to join a full server, you will now be queued and connected as soon as a slot/space is available.


01/01/2013 Patch


  • Fixed resolution problem when getting in the rocket ‘hog gunner seat and using some custom weapons/vehicles. Affected CE only.
  • Fixed issues with joining bookmarked/favourited servers on HPC.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck on the ‘negotiating connection to server’ screen under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a crash on HPC caused by attempting to enable devmode.
  • Fixed team indicator size. This was caused by the increased draw distance so it’s now set to default except on maps that benefit from having it increased. You can override this by using the ‘draw’ console command (default is 1024). I’ll try and add some scaling logic in the future.
  • Fixed a crash some users experienced when attempting to alt+tab/minimise the game.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to a passworded server after downloading a map would give you an incorrect password error under certain conditions.