HAC 2.1.1 Update

Widescreen HUD Fix:

Rather than stretching, the game’s HUD will now automatically resize to the correct proportions for your resolution’s aspect ratio (e.g. 1920×1080, 16:9).

This feature is enabled by default but can be disabled with the console command ‘hac_widescreen 0‘.

Widescreen HUD FixClick for full size

Custom HUD Colours:

Pressing F9 will allow you to set custom colours for the HUD. Shift + F9 will reset the colours to their default values.

When you press F9, you will be given instructions for adjusting the reticle colours, primary element colours, secondary element colours and tertiary element colours.

  • Reticle colours – Self-explanatory
  • Primary colours – Includes most of the UI such as your shield, health and ammo (the blue elements).
  • Secondary colours – Includes the depleted ammo/grenade indicators.
  • Tertiary colours – Includes flashing ammo/grenade/shield warnings.

The easiest way to figure it out is to play around with the values a bit and see what they affect.


HAC Update

Just a tiny update to correct a small map downloading bug introduced in the last update that would cause an “address is invalid” error to be displayed under certain conditions rather than rejoining the game.

This fix applies to both HCE and HPC.


HAC Release Update

I’ve uploaded a minor update to HAC’s loader to fix a crash that was being caused by firewalls/anti-viruses interfering with the loading/updating process.

This update must be downloaded manually by reinstalling HAC 2, although it won’t impact your ability to use HAC 2 if you choose not to update. Hit ‘Download’ on the menu to get it.


HAC 2.1.0 Update

HAC 2 is now available in four languages; English, German, French and Spanish. The most suitable language will automatically be selected based on your Windows’ language.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • HPC: Fixed crash when attempting to join a bookmarked server from another server.
  • HPC: Server list now correctly displays servers of all versions.
  • HPC: Server list now displays servers running custom maps.
  • HPC: Campaign maps no longer show up on the multiplayer map list.
  • HCE: “Show user-generated maps” under the server list filters is now set to ‘Yes’ by default.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented preferences from being saved correctly for some users.
  • Added translations for Spanish, French and German. The language will be automatically chosen based on your system language.
  • Added support for custom profile paths rather than assuming the game is using the default directory for save-games. This allows users to control where maps are downloaded to by setting a custom profile path in Halo’s shortcut with -profile.
  • Added the ‘devcam 0/1′ command as an alias for the debug camera control commands.
  • Bookmarks are displayed for longer before fading away.
  • Pings have been added to the bookmark display.

Thanks to Twix, Dylan, Osmo, As7raios, Storm and n0x for the translations and testing.

This update has taken longer to release than expected, given that I was hoping to finish off a couple of new features for it. Since they’re not quite ready though, they’ll have to wait until next time (won’t be too long).


Error 126 and Avast

Just a quick note to address the error 126 that a lot of users have encountered today. It’s being caused by an update to Avast! that’s started to mark hac.dll as Win32:Evo-gen[Susp] and preventing it from running. This is a false positive seemingly triggered by the compression used to make the file smaller and I’ve contacted Avast! in order to resolve this.

As a temporary solution, download this copy of hac.dll and place it in your Halo folder or Halo CE folder (not /controls). Please note that this will disable auto-updating.

An uncompressed copy of HAC has been released as an auto-update to work around the problem while I wait for Avast! to investigate the problem and get back to me with a resolution.

I’ll edit this post when I have more details.


HAC 2.0.9 Update

Patch changelog:

  • Map downloading is now supported for HPC as well as HCE.
  • Non-stock maps will now appear on the map list for HPC.
  • Added the ability to remain in your current server when attempting to join a bookmarked server that is full. You will be switched to the new server automatically when a space is available. This behaviour is not the default and must be enabled with the command play_during_queue 1.
  • Improved the feedback given by HAC if something goes wrong during loading/updating.

Minor patch

Just a small update to fix a couple of issues:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the sightjacker from enabling for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user’s field of view preference not to be applied upon game launch.
  • HAC 2 will now work on AMD Athlon XP processors.

Finally, soon™.


Another update, at long last.


  • Added a sightjacker.
  • Added support for multi-team vehicles in SAPP servers.
  • Devmode commands can now be used on HPC, as well as HCE.
  • Bookmarks are now capped at 20. This limit will be raised in a future update.
  • Removed console commands for manipulating bookmarks. The key shortcuts are on the commands page.
  • The server list’s message of the day can now be used to display HAC related notifications.
  • The “about” command will show you the current HAC 2 version and release date.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to join another game during a map download.
  • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to join another game while queued to join a full server.
  • Fixed an error that caused a networking dialogue to be displayed when querying local servers that were offline.
  • A bunch of general improvements/tweaks that are of little interest.

Multi-team vehicles:

The multi-team vehicles feature allows players from opposing teams to share the same vehicle. To see this feature in action, the server must be running SAPP and the administrator needs to enable it with /mtv 1. Vehicles occupied by both a blue and a red player will not sync correctly for players without HAC 2.

Note: Changes to the server’s MTV settings will not take effect until the next game.


To enable the sightjacker, press F7. Switching between players is done with either the scroll-wheel or by using the plus and minus keys.

As a protection mechanism, server administrators can disable HAC 2′s sightjacking capabilities by enabling scrim mode with SAPP’s /scrim_mode 1 command. Ideally, a more specific /sj would be added in the future.

Note: Enabling/disabling the sightjacker with the scrim mode command will not take effect until the next game.

Finally, a thanks to SharpLeaf and another to Gijs of EliteGameServers.net for providing an additional mirror to support the map downloading service.



Full screen crash fix

This patch corrects a minor oversight that could cause an occasional crash when running the game in full screen mode after returning from the desktop (alt+tab/Windows key).

To apply this update, please download the new release by clicking “Download” above or here.


Map downloading statistics

It has been around six weeks since HAC 2 launched and we’re approaching 15,000 in-game map downloads served, so it seems like an arbitrary a good time to post some statistics on map downloading.

Top 10 downloaded maps:

  1. CMT Snow Grove
  2. Yoyorast Island
  3. Ambush
  4. Extinction
  5. RPG Beta 6.2
  6. Immure
  7. Yoyorast Island v2
  8. Coldsnap
  9. Hugeass
  10. [H3]Bloodgulch

As map downloading catches on for scrims and game nights hosted by various clans/groups, a number of the smaller/medium sized maps are quickly working their way up the ranks, especially with the more recent release of SAPP 5.6′s integrated map downloading for dedicated servers.

There’s still work to be done but so far it has been great to see the flurry of interest in playing and exploring the custom maps the game has to offer rather than having to stick to the handful of stock maps we’ve been playing ad nauseum for the past decade.